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Groupe PSA - French Car Major-Plans to launch in ...


Crash Guard/Bull Bars fitted on the Vehicle - Illegal


Union Transport Minsitry has advised all the State Governments to penalise those who have fitted Crash Guard/Bull bar on their vehicles as it poses dangers to pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists........... Read more

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  • 20-Dec-2017

Vehicle Recycling plant by Mahindra & Central Govt company

Mahindra has made Joint Venture(JV) with MSTC, Central Govt company for Vehicles Recycling. The JV company is called as Mahindra MSTC Recycling. 

The plant is expected to get operational in ea........... Read more

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  • 18-Dec-2017

Electric version of Tata Nano

Electric variant of the Nano car would be made in Coimbatore by Jayem Automotoives.

The electric version of Nano would be called NEO........... Read more

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  • 18-Dec-2017

Saudi women can drive Motorcycles now

Saudi government has decided to allow women to drive motorcycles and trucks.

Few months back, the kingdom announced a decision to allow women to drive cars.
........... Read more

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  • 18-Dec-2017

Dealer can issue Regn Number & RC

Tech Mahindra, Software service company, is developing a technology called, Blockchain by which a Dealer can issue Registration number and RC of a vehicle the dealer sells............ Read more

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  • 18-Dec-2017

No GST for Individual - Sale of Used CARs or 2 Wheelers

As the sale of Used 2 wheelers or Cars by an individual is  NOT  meant for any Business purpose,  the sale will not attract GST.

Other News about GST @ Automobile Industry

Further ........... Read more

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  • 06-Dec-2017

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